How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Without Been Charged

Are you interested in knowing How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial? This has been on search engines for sometime now and it seems, it is what most users want to know about. It won’t be a problem at all, if you want to know all about it.

How to Cancel Amazon Free Trial 
How to Cancel Amazon Free Trial

As long as you keep on reading this article then you will definitely know the steps on how you can cancel the Amazon Prime Free Trial.

How to Cancel Amazon Free Trial 

Amazon Prime simply has revolutionized online shopping. With its free two-day shipping and also membership-exclusive media, it then emerged as a tough competitor to streaming platforms and even eCommerce platforms alike. 

However, some of the subscribers might simply find the $119 annual subscription fee hard to justify. Maybe you are trying to support local businesses, you want different media options, or you can’t simply afford another subscription. 

No matter the reason for canceling, follow this comprehensive guide to simply learn how you can cancel Amazon Prime membership.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial

There are many steps in which one can be able to Cancel Amazon on devices, which includes Desktop or Computer and Android or iPhone.

Desktop or Computer

  • Visit the Amazon website, and then find sign-in under the Accounts and Lists. You should then sign into your account using your email, phone number, username or password.
  • Once you have simply signed in to your account, you should go to the Accounts and List drop-down menu and then select “Your Prime Membership”.
  • Alternatively, you can even select the prime under Accounts and List, and it will then take you to your Benefits and Payments Settings.
  • You will simply find “End Membership and Benefits” under the “Membership Management” Section on the left-hand side of the page or screen.
  • Then you should click the link and it will simply direct you to the cancelation page where you can then cancel your membership.
  • Since Amazon does not want to lose its customers, it will simply direct you to a new page that will simply ask if you are sure you want to leave. If you are then positive, you should click “I Do Not Want My Benefits” and continue to cancel.
  • If you then have been paying annually, Amazon might also prompt you to switch to a monthly plan. Now if you do not want that, then click on Continue to Cancel to terminate your membership after the paid period.

On Mobile (Android and iPhone)

  • Just open the Amazon App on your device Android or iPhone. Then you should simply tap the three horizontal lines on the right-most corner of the screen. Now go to Your Account.
  • Now below the “Accounts Setting”, you will find “Manage Prime Membership”.
  • It will simply ask you to login to your account, even if you have details saved. iPhone users usually need to scan their fingerprints.
  • Then you should simply select “update cancel and more” from the drop-down menu under “Manage Membership”. There you will simply find “End Membership”. Clicking on this starts the cancellation process.
  • If you do not want the benefits, then you should scroll down and also tap “I Do Not Want My Benefits”. Similar to the desktop version, Amazon simply prompts you to keep the benefits until the membership renews. If you simply don’t wish to do so, then you should click on “Continue to Cancel”.
  • After you have simply clicked on the “Continue to Cancel”, you will then be directed to a confirmation page where it will also ask for the last time if you want to close the membership or simply need to be reminded 3 days before the membership automatically renews.
  • Now you should scroll down and then tap “Cancel Membership”. You will simply have two options here: terminate on a date or close it immediately. Ending on the date simply terminates your membership when the billing cycle is over. You should simply then Click on the “End Now” if you wish to close the subscription immediately. This simply cancels the membership there and then and prompts Amazon to simply refund the rest of the current billing cycle’s payment to you.

Cancel Amazon Prime Trial Without Been Charged

If you want to cancel before it simply charge you money for the trial then you should read and follow all the steps:

  • You should then sign in to your Amazon account using your phone number, username, email address and also password.
  • Once you have simply entered your account, hover over to “Manage Your Prime Membership” and then click on the “Cancel Free Trial link”.
  • Instead of you worrying about accidentally paying at the end of the free trial, you can simply set up an auto-cancel for the subscription to then terminate after one month by simply clicking on Do not continue the free trial.
  • This simply directs you to the membership page, where you should click on “End My Benefits”.
  • If you then want access to the benefits till the end of 30 days, you should simply click on “Do Not Continue” and also enjoy the benefits for the trial month.
  • Once the period finishes, it simply cancels your membership without charging your card.

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