Most Popular Apps That Are Used In USA

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Most Popular Apps That Are Used In USA
Most Popular Apps That Are Used In USA

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Most Popular Apps That Are Used In USA

There are certain apps that are simply popular and most used in different locations of the world. Well, your location isn’t known right now. But where you are browsing this, you should know that there are certain apps that people use the most.

You may also be making use of one very popular app in your location as we speak. Now let’s get to business, I will be revealing to you the Most Popular Apps in the USA:

Apps Only Available in USA

Now, it may even surprise you that some certain apps can be simply used only in the USA. That is why they are simply called the US only apps.

These apps are also made up of both apps for iPhones and also Android phones. Here they are.

  • Pandora
  • HBO Now
  • Apple Camera+
  • Google Voice
  • Apple iMovie
  • Vevo

There are even so much more. However, I will simply leave you with the list for now.

Most Used Apple Apps In The USA

Below is a list that is containing the most used and also downloaded apple apps in the US today;

  • Zoom cloud meetings app published by zoom.
  • TikTok by TikTok inc.
  • Celebs by mango labs.
  • YouTube by Google.
  • Instagram by Instagram inc.
  • Messenger by Facebook inc.
  • Facebook by Facebook inc.
  • amazon by AMZN mobile LLC.
  • cash app buy Suayare inc.
  • Snapchat by Snap inc.
  • Gmail by Google LLC.
  • Doordash by Doordash inc.
  • Hangouts meet by Google.
  • Netflix by Netflix inc.
  • Venmo by Venmo.
  • Wish by Contextlogic inc.
  • Disney by Disney.
  • Arrive by Shopify Inc.
  • Spotify by Spotify Ltd.
  • Wayfair by Wayfair LLC.

These are also the most used and even downloaded iOS apps in the US right now.

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Most Used Android Apps in USA

Just as there is a list for the most used and even downloaded iOS apps in the US, so there is also for android apps. The most used and also downloaded android apps in the US are;

  • Google Chrome by Google LLC.
  • Messages by Google LLC.
  • Youtube by Google LLC.
  • Facebook by Facebook inc.
  • phone by google LLC.
  • google by google LLC.
  • Messenger by Facebook.
  • Whatsapp messenger by Whatsapp inc.
  • Instagram by Instagram inc.
  • Clock by Google LLC.
  • Gmail by Google LLC.
  • OnePlus launcher by OnePlus Ltd.
  • Snapchat by Snap inc.
  • SafetyChain mobile 2.0 by SafetyChain Software.
  • Cupon Club by Cupon Club.
  • Gboard by Google LLC.
  • Samsung internet browser by Samsung electronics co ltd.
  • CrediTienda by Concredito.
  • Verizon Messages by Verizon Consumer Group.
  • Samsung calculator by Samsung Electronics co. Ltd.

Most Downloaded Apps 2022

Now, I believe with your knowledge of the popular mobile applications in the USA, you may then want to know the most downloaded applications of the year 2022. Here, you will just get to know about the most used apps that have been downloaded by so many users in 2022.

  • WhatsApp.
  • Messenger.
  • TikTok.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • SHAREit.
  • YouTube.
  • Likee.
  • Netflix.
  • Snapchat.

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