Bank Holidays Ireland 2023 – Bank Holidays in Ireland

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Bank Holidays Ireland 2023
Bank Holidays Ireland 2023

Bank Holidays Ireland 2023

Which Irish bank holidays are scheduled for 2023? To help you while you’re organizing forthcoming leave for yourself, your team, or your organization, we’ve put together helpful guidance in this post.

Bank Holidays in Ireland for 2023

You can find a list of every Irish bank holiday for the entire calendar year 2023 in the table below.

New Year’s Day1 January (Sunday)
St Brigid’s Day6 February (Monday)
Saint Patrick’s Day17 March (Friday)
Easter Monday10 April (Monday)
May Day1 May (Monday)
June Bank Holiday5 June (Monday)
August Bank Holiday7 August (Monday)
October Bank Holiday30 October (Monday)
Christmas Day25 December (Monday)
St Stephen’s Day26 December (Tuesday)

How Many Bank Holidays are in Ireland in 2023?

Ireland will have 10 confirmed bank holidays in 2023. This will start on January 1st and end on December 26th, which is St. Stephen’s Day.

Did Ireland Get An Extra Bank Holiday?

Observers will notice that starting in 2023, Ireland will get a new bank holiday! This is for St. Brigid’s Day, which is celebrated on February 6 in honor of Ireland’s sole female patron saint.

Is Good Friday a Bank Holiday in Ireland?

Ireland does not have a bank holiday on Good Friday. While some businesses and schools will be closed on Good Friday, no one is required to take the day off of work. However, Easter Monday is a holiday.

Is There A Bank Holiday Every Month in Ireland?

Not quite, but close. Ireland only has 10 bank holidays in total, falling short of having one every single month. More specifically, there are no bank holidays in Ireland in the months of July, September, or November.

When Do the Bank Holidays in Ireland Happen?

Seven out of ten of the 10 bank holidays in Ireland fall on a Monday. Although there isn’t a clear explanation for why this occurs, it is important to note.

What About Bank Holidays in Northern Ireland?

In 2023, Northern Ireland will observe eleven bank holidays. You can read our compiled guide to UK bank holidays in 2023 for information regarding holidays in Northern Ireland.

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