How to Use Safari’s Incognito Mode

How to Use Safari’s Incognito Mode – In a time when online privacy is vital, being able to browse the web anonymously is an important skill. Safari, the default web browser for Mac, includes a feature called Private Browsing (Incognito Mode) that allows users to access the internet privately.

How to Use Safari’s Incognito Mode
How to Use Safari’s Incognito Mode

How To Use Safari’s Incognito Mode

This in-depth post will cover the advantages of private browsing, how to use Safari’s incognito mode, and some of its disadvantages. By the conclusion, you’ll have the information you need to successfully protect your online privacy.

Understanding Incognito Mode

Before we get to the steps, let’s talk about what incognito mode entails. When you use Safari’s incognito mode to open a private window, your device’s cookies, browsing history, and other site data are not saved. You won’t be able to find any evidence of the websites you visited or the searches you did after closing the incognito window as a result.

Activating Incognito Mode in Safari

Safari offers a number of ways for users to engage private browsing, giving them choice and convenience. You can follow the instructions in this section to use Safari’s incognito mode:

  • First Method: Using the Menu Bar
  • Open Safari and navigate to the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.
  • Navigate to “File” and select “New Private Window.”
  • A new Safari window will popup to show you are in private browsing mode.
  • Method 2: Keyboard Shortcut: While launching Safari, press Shift + Command + N.
  • The keyboard shortcut will open a new Safari window in private browsing mode.
  • Browse the New Window: Since a new private browsing window will open, you can know that you are in incognito mode.

Navigating Incognito Mode

It is important to comprehend how incognito mode works and what it can do now that you are in it:

  • Browsing History: When you use the incognito mode, Safari does not save your browsing history. This prevents any websites you visit during this session from being added to your browsing history log.
  • Cookies and site data: Safari won’t save cookies, temporary files, or any other website data when you browse incognito. Your login information, choices, or personalized settings won’t be saved by websites as a result.
  • Extension and plug Ins: Extensions and plug-ins that are active in standard browsing mode may be restricted or disabled in incognito mode. This ensures that these tools won’t track you or save any of your data while you browse covertly.
  • Bookmarking: Incognito mode allows you to bookmark pages, but your regular browsing won’t remember those bookmarks. The only window that can access private bookmarks is the incognito one.

Limitation of Incognito Mode:

Even though using incognito mode increases your privacy, you should be aware of its drawbacks:

  • Internet Service Provider ISPs: When you are in incognito mode, only other users on the same device can view your browsing history. Your ISP or network administrator can still monitor the websites you visit.
  • Website and Advertiser: Even if your browsing history is not locally saved, the websites you visit can still track your activities using techniques like IP addresses and internet trackers.
  • Downloads and bookmarks: Any downloaded or created files or bookmarks will remain on your device when you dismiss the private window during an incognito session.
  • External factors: Incognito mode does not provide protection against malware, viruses, or phishing scams. No matter what surfing mode you choose, be cautious and maintain strict security protocols.

Enhancing Incognito Mode

To maximize your privacy while incognito mode, consider the following additional advice:

  • Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives your internet connection an additional degree of privacy protection by maintaining your IP address and encrypting your data.
  • Clearing Data: Even though incognito mode prevents data from being saved locally, it is still advised to regularly clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache.
  • Private Search Engines: Use private search engines like DuckDuckGo or StartPage that put user privacy first and limit tracking.
  • Stay Informed: To find out about fresh features, improvements, and alterations to incognito mode, subscribe to Safari updates.


Safari’s incognito mode is a helpful tool for maintaining your online privacy. By following a few simple steps, you may enable this mode and enjoy browsing without leaving any traces. It’s important to be aware of the limitations of incognito mode, too, and to take extra privacy precautions like using a VPN and routinely wiping your data. By being informed and taking proactive steps to protect your online privacy, you can ensure that utilizing Safari’s incognito mode is safer and more private.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode, also referred to as private browsing or privacy mode, is a feature available in web browsers that enables users to browse the internet without recording their browsing history, cookies, or site data to their devices.

How do I activate Incognito mode in my Browser?

The process for activating incognito mode may vary depending on the browser you’re using. Usually, one can open an incognito window by selecting it from the browser’s menu or by using a keyboard shortcut. For instance, although Shift+Command+N is necessary in Safari, Ctrl+Shift+N is available in Google Chrome.

Does Incognito Mode Make Me Completely Anonymously?

No, using incognito mode won’t give you complete privacy. The websites you visit, your internet service provider (ISP), and any network administrators cannot see what you are doing, despite the fact that it prevents your browser history from being saved on your device. It’s possible that other tracking methods, such IP address tracking, are still in use.

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