How to Create a VFD Bank Account Online

How to create a VFD Bank Account Online – In our age of convenience, there is never enough. If you’re considering using the VFD Bank, this post was written especially for you.

Online bank VFD Bank also serves as a microfinance institution. For all of its customers, this bank offers a smooth and practical digital banking experience.

How to Create a VFD Bank Account Online
How to Create a VFD Bank Account Online

You may simply access your accounts, make safe transactions, withdraw money, and pay bills from the convenience of your home using the VFD platform. In this article, we’ll examine its features as well as how to open an account there.

About VFD Bank

If you want a digital wallet for both personal and professional transactions, VFD Bank is a smart choice.

It is important to mention that VFD Bank allows you to access your account from anywhere, offers free transactions, and pays interest on your savings. Banking is now more accessible, convenient, and economical thanks to the Vbank app.

You are also given the option of an actual ATM card, which will be delivered to your door, which is another fantastic feature of the VFD Bank app. As an alternative, you can just utilize your user dashboard to quickly generate a virtual card.

This virtual card functions exactly like the physical card you are accustomed to. However, you have the same freedom and convenience with the virtual card.

Main Features of VFD Bank

The Vbank app stands out from the competition thanks to a variety of features. The benefits of opening an account at VFD Bank include full control, no transaction fees, and, most importantly, the feeling of having a second bank account. As a result, you will be able to save more of your hard-earned money. Let’s examine these actions in more detail:

Easy VFD Account Registration

The days of laborious paperwork are over. A fully digitalized account opening process is available through Vbank. Simply follow these steps to get going:

  • For iOS users, go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download the VFD Bank app.
  • Open the app after installation, then select “Create Account.”
  • Use the referral code BGCMK and provide your name, date of birth, and phone number (make sure it’s connected to your BVN).
  • To verify your account, click “Continue” and enter your BVN or a current bank account.
  • Verify your address and any additional verifications that are necessary.

Congratulations, you have actually successfully opened a Vbank account!

Zero Transaction Charges

The zero-fee transaction policy of VFD Bank is one of its unique characteristics. Enjoy fee-free transactions with all banks and bid adieu to superfluous fees levied by traditional banks. There are no catches or conditions when using Vbank.

Earn Interest on Your Savings

You can earn money on your savings every month with a VFD Bank account. This means that your money will increase over time, giving you considerable returns rather than merely sitting idle in your account.

V Debit Card for Easy Payments

You get access to a real V card when you open a Vbank account. Here is how to apply it:

  • Make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Money can be moved between accounts.
  • View the balance of your account.
  • Make purchases from different online retailers and retail outlets.
  • Use the card to pay bills, such as those for energy, cable TV, water, and other services.

The V card is a flexible payment method because it is widely accepted in at least 23 other African nations.

VFD USSD Code *503*7#

VFD Bank makes it simple to carry out routine transactions by using the USSD code *503*7#. You are permitted to:

  • buy airtime.
  • Pay your bills, including your gambling and school fees.
  • Transfer funds to others.
  • Make withdrawals.
  • View the balance of your account.
  • Make withdrawals without a card.
  • Make, reset, or modify a transaction PIN.
  • Set up the PIN for your debit card.

This service doesn’t need an internet connection and is accessible on a variety of phones, including iOS and Android models.

Buying Airtime with VFD USSD Code

For simple and always-on airtime recharging, use the USSD code. You can quickly recharge both your own phone and other people’s phones.

When you’re on the go or require an urgent call or data top-up, this option is quite helpful.

VFD Bank Account Registration

It’s simple to sign up for a Vbank account. You’ll have complete access to your VFD Bank account in just a few minutes. This is how you do it:

  • Download the Vbank mobile app.
  • Then use your BVN number or an existing bank account number to create your account.

Therefore, if you’ve chosen to use the BVN technique, follow these instructions:

  • You must first input your phone number and referral code, which is BGCMK.
  • Choose the BVN-linked number option next.
  • You will receive an OTP on your phone. Enter the OTP that was SMS-sent to your BVN number.
  • You must then enter your email address, choose a password, and confirm it.
  • Take a photo now, or choose a photo already on your computer, for photo validation. Just unwind here so the camera can capture a quality picture.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN that you can remember by heart.

It has been successful creating your account. Your phone receives a notification almost instantly to confirm the creation of your account.

Funding Your VFD Bank Account

You can now start using your account, yes. As soon as you make an account, you must locate it.

You can fund your account in a number of ways, including with a USSD code, an ATM card, or a direct transfer. Use the one that best suits you at all times.

Keep in mind that after creating your account, you receive an account number. You can send money to your VFD Bank account whenever you want using that account.

VFD Customer Care

If you have any problems with your VFD Bank account, the customer service team is available to help. They can be reached in a number of ways:


Do you believe that you enjoy using VFD Bank? They provide a fantastic digital wallet experience, as we have discussed in this article, so you should absolutely look at it. The procedures listed above can be used to carry out any desired actions.

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