How to Sign Up for Capitec Bank USSD Code

How to Sign Up for Capitec Bank USSD Code – Due to its emphasis on openness, simplicity, and ease in its business practices, Capitec Bank has quickly expanded to become one of the biggest and most prominent banks in South Africa.

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How to Sign Up for Capitec Bank USSD Code

Above all, the bank provides a simple and rapid means for its clients to access their accounts and carry out numerous tasks. Many people are unaware of the option to register for the Capitec bank USSD code online and take advantage of banking services using the USSD code.

We’ll walk you through the process of successfully registering for the Capitec Bank USSD code in this article. But before we continue, let’s quickly go through how to open a Capitech Bank account since you need one in order to register for the USSD code. Let’s get started without further ado.

Opening a Capitec Online Bank Account

It is not difficult to open a Capitec Online Bank Account, and there are not many processes involved. But you won’t be able to open an account unless you satisfy their requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The minimum age for applicants is 18.
  • A mobile phone that will be used to access the account is required of applicants.
  • Since an email address is required to sign up before making any purchases, applicants must have one.
  • A valid ID or passport must be shown by applicants as this will be used for verification.

You can now proceed to open a Capitech bank account without spending more time after you’re certain that you match these prerequisites.

How to Open a Capitec Online Bank Account

Many people still experience the inconvenience of going to the bank to open an account. Online account opening with Capitec is a quick and easy process.  The only thing required is:

  • Visit their official website first.
  • Click “Open account” after that.
  • Next, adhere to the instructions on your screen.
  • Proceed to submit.

After successfully managing your account, go ahead and sign up for the Capitech USSD code.

Capitec Bank USSD Code

The USSD code for Capitec Bank is a numeric code that enables consumers to access financial services directly from their phone. Even the internet is not required for this. So you can see how practical and reachable it is today, right? The official USSD code for Capitec Bank is *120*3279#.

Benefits of the Capitec Bank USSD Code

You can carry out a number of banking tasks using the Capitec Bank USSD code, including;

  • seamless money transfer between two accounts
  • having access to your account balance
  • Viewing recent transactions is possible
  • Pay bills
  • purchase and top-up data and/or airtime
  • Mini Statement

How to Register for Capitec Bank USSD Code

As was previously said, you must first open a Capitec Bank account, which can be done online or at any of their branch offices, in order to register for the Capitec Bank USSD code. Once you’ve done that, register by following these steps:

  • Dial *120*3279# into your phone.
  • Choose the ‘Register’ option.
  • To complete your registration fee, proceed with the information after that.
  • A verification message with your transaction PIN will come once you wait for it.
  • Now you only need to call a few digits to complete any transaction.

How to Activate Capitec Bank USSD Code for Bank Transaction

The USSD codes for Capitec Banking are simple and quick to remember. Any smartphone with a USSD capable phone can easily activate the code by dialing *120*3279#.

Capitec Bank USSD Code to Buy Airtime

The standard Capitec Bank USSD code for any transaction other than “buying of airtime” is *120*3279#. To purchase or add more airtime, just dial *130*3279*.

How to Send Money Using the USSD Code

To transfer money from your Capitec bank account to another account, follow the steps listed below;

  • To begin, dial *120*3279#.
  • Next, select “9” from the available selections.
  • Continue by accepting the “terms and conditions” after that.
  • Select “1” from the displayed options.
  • Select “From” account next.
  • Put the sum you want to put in here.
  • Create a “4-digit Pin” now.
  • Click “Send” after entering your mobile banking PIN.

How To Change or Reset Capitec Bank USSD PIN

You can always modify your reset pin if you so desire. To get started, just dial *120*3279#. Contact customer care assistance to file your complaint if you are unable to resolve the issue this way.


A quick and handy way to access your account and manage your finances while on the go is to register for Capitec Bank’s USSD code.

Anyone looking for quick and simple banking services without internet access will find it to be a useful tool. Therefore, if you use Capitec Bank, don’t wait to sign up for the USSD code and benefit from the ease it provides.

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