Amazon Hub Counter – How to Setup Amazon Hub Counter or Locker

Amazon Hub Counter – We’ll just look at how to use Amazon Hub Counter in this post. We’ll go into more detail below to show you how it works, what benefits it provides, and how you can use it to simplify your online purchasing.

Online purchasing has quickly assimilated into everyday life. The growth of e-commerce websites like Amazon has significantly boosted the convenience of online shopping.

Amazon Hub Counter
Amazon Hub Counter

However, delivery of packages might be challenging, particularly for people who aren’t at home during business hours. You can utilize the Amazon Hub Counter to aid in this.

Customers can select to have their packages stored at a physical location (a “counter”) until they are ready to pick them up using Amazon Hub Counter.

Thanks to this service, customers can relax knowing that their purchases will reach swiftly and safely without worrying about missing deliveries or protracted wait times.

What is Amazon Hub Counter?

Customers can pick up their Amazon shipments at a location of their choosing with the help of the Amazon Hub Counter service.

It is a simple and secure option for customers to pick up their products at this pickup location, which is often located inside a partner store or business facility.

By using Amazon Hub Counter, customers can prevent the annoyance of missed deliveries or having to wait all day at home for their order. Customers in the United States can use this function.

Amazon Hub Counter Vs Locker provides Amazon Locker, a self-service package pickup option. Parking lots, convenience stores, train stations, and other public spaces, among others, all have lockers available.

An Amazon Hub Counter, on the other hand, is a pickup location that is housed inside a company that is associated with Amazon.

The main difference between the two is the largest package dimensions that any option can support. Hub Counters can hold significantly larger shipments while Lockers can only hold products that are smaller and easier to manage.

How Does Amazon’s Hub Counter Work?

To utilize Amazon Hub Counter, simply choose the participating location that is most convenient for you throughout the checkout process.

You will receive an email with a special barcode after your package is delivered that you may use to pick it up from the carrier’s facility.

When you reach the specified place, you must show the barcode to the employee of the store. Then they will obtain your package on your behalf.

How To Use Amazon Hub Counter

Utilizing Amazon Hub Counter is a straightforward operation. The actions that must be taken are as follows:

  1. Choose Amazon Hub Counter as your delivery option:

While you are checking out, select Amazon Hub Counter as your delivery option. Following that, you will be presented with a list of convenient nearby Amazon Hub Counter locations for your consideration.

  1. Wait for delivery confirmation:

Amazon will send you a delivery confirmation email or message on your device after processing and dispatching your order. This email will include a barcode and your special pickup code.

  1. Go to the Amazon Hub Counter location:

When you visit the appropriate Amazon Hub Counter location during open hours, you must have the pickup code or barcode with you.

  1. Give your pickup code or barcode:

You must present your pickup code or barcode to the employee behind the desk once you have reached the Amazon Hub Counter. They will then pick up your package and verify that you are who you claim you are.

  1. Collect your package:

The employee will give you the package once they have verified your identity. You might need to sign for the delivery of the package or provide further identification before receiving it, depending on the safety regulations of the location.

  1. Enjoy your purchase:

You have complete freedom to utilize anything you buy once you have it.

Let’s now explore all you need know about using the Amazon counter and locker.

What is the Difference Between Amazon Hub Counter and Locker?

The maximum package size that each Amazon Hub Counter and Locker can accommodate, as well as the level of customer service they offer, are different from one another.

Hub Counters give clients the chance to speak with a salesperson in person whereas Lockers are entirely self-service.

This means that if you have any queries or worries about the contents of your shipment, you can speak with a store representative at the Hub Counter.

How To Set up an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker

You can apply to be a partner for the Amazon Hub Counter or Locker if you are the owner of a business.

Amazon will provide your business with all necessary hardware, including lockers or a counter, as well as signs and personnel training.

You will be paid a fee for each shipment that is picked up from your location by Amazon after you have been set up, and Amazon will handle all of the logistics related to shipping and collecting up items.

Why Use a Hub Vs Home Delivery?

Using Amazon Hub Counter has several benefits over traditional home delivery. Starting with the risk of missed deliveries being eliminated, which is especially annoying for those who work during the day.

In addition, since items are stored in a secure area until the consumer is ready to pick them up, Hub Counters provide a more dependable and secure means of delivery.

Last but not least, for those who live in areas where parcel theft is common, it might be a more sensible option.

How Much Does Amazon Hub Cost?

The Amazon Hub Counter is free to use for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you are not a Prime member, it’s conceivable that you will have to pay a little fee in order to utilize the service.

On the other hand, the fee varies according to the location of the Hub Counter as well as the quantity of the shipment.

How Do I Find a Hub Locker or Counter?

To find the Hub Counter or Locker that is nearest to you, select the option when you are checking out.

Amazon will provide you with a list of the nearby stores, along with details on their opening hours and any associated costs for the service.

How long will Amazon hub counter hold my package?

Packages are routinely held at Amazon Hub counters for a set amount of time, typically 3 to 15 days. Depending on the particular area and Amazon restrictions in place, this time frame may change.

What’s in It For Businesses?

There are numerous chances for profitable cooperation between businesses and Amazon Hub Counter or Locker. To give just one illustration, it might result in more people walking into your store as they come to pick up their packages.

Additionally, it provides an additional revenue stream in the form of a commission that is given to companies for each box picked up from their location. Not least among its potential benefits is enhancing the general client experience.

Customers prefer the convenience of picking up their purchases from a store near them, therefore this feature may assist increase overall customer happiness.


The Amazon hub counter and locker usage questions and answers are listed below.

How do I access my Amazon hub counter?

Go to the “Your Orders” section of the Amazon website or mobile app and select the order you wish to pick up in order to get to the Amazon hub counter.

You’ll have access to your Amazon hub counter after doing this. The location and operating hours of the Amazon hub counter closest to you will then be provided to you.

Is the Amazon hub counter free?

Yes, all Prime Amazon customers are eligible for a free subscription to Amazon Hub Counter. But in order to use the service, you might need to pay a little fee if you’re not a premier member.

How many days do you have to use Amazon Hub counter?

It typically takes fourteen days for a consumer to pick up their delivery at an Amazon hub counter. After 14 days, Amazon will receive the box and make a decision regarding whether to grant a refund.

How long do you have to pick up from Amazon Hub counter?

Customers normally have three business days to pick up their packages after they are placed in an Amazon Hub locker or on a counter. Three days later, Amazon will pick up the package and determine whether or not to issue a refund.

How much does an Amazon counter make?

The location and volume of processed shipments will both affect how much money can be made working at an Amazon counter.

Is Amazon Hub only for Prime members?

No, having an Amazon Prime membership is not necessary to use the Amazon Hub; it is open to all Amazon customers.

How does Hub delivery work?

A customer’s box will be left in a nearby locker or on a counter when they select Amazon Hub as one of their delivery options, waiting to be picked up later. A special pickup number or barcode will be sent to the customer, which they can use to get their package.

Can I take my order from Amazon Hub?

You can pick up your Amazon order at a nearby Amazon Hub locker or counter by using the pickup number or barcode that Amazon provides you.

How Can I Get an Amazon Counter or Locker?

The Amazon checkout counters and lockers are typically found inside stores, residences, and other public locations.

You can find the Amazon Hub locker or counter that is nearest to you if you choose the Amazon Hub option during the checkout process on the Amazon website or mobile app.


A secure and convenient alternative to having packages delivered to your house is the Amazon Hub Counter.

As more individuals make purchases online, this service has become more crucial, especially for those with busy schedules or who live in areas with poor delivery systems.

Customers can opt to have their packages delivered whenever and wherever is most convenient for them by using Amazon Hub Counter. The program is easy to use and provided to Amazon customers at no additional cost.

If you’re looking for an easy way to receive your Amazon deliveries, Amazon Hub Counter is a terrific choice.

Its expansion of stores makes it more accessible to customers worldwide. Test Amazon Hub Counter right now to discover if it can be useful.

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