How to Meet a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in Person

Do you want to know How to Meet a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in Person? Then you should just keep on reading this article. Setting up a business online can actually be risky and also time-consuming because sometimes some buyers you simply meet on the Facebook marketplace would actually want to see you in person before buying an item. 

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So, this article will actually show you How to Meet a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in Person.

The buyer may also be scared or even have doubts about buying from you because of the high rate of scams and also selling of fake products from buying online. It is actually left to you as a seller to stop the doubts of your buyer by simply making sure your products are very authentic and not a form of scam.

How to Meet a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in Person

Creating a Plan to Meet a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in Person

There are actually a few guidelines to take when you as a seller want to meet a buyer from the Facebook marketplace in person and they are:

  • By simply clicking on the “more options” button at the top of your screen on your messenger thread.
  • Then click on ”create meetup plan” to simply create a plan on how to meet a buyer who wants to purchase an item from you.
  • Also you should select the process and include the date, time and location you and your buyer have planned to meet.
  • Now just click on “send plan” to share the meetup plan in your chat with your buyer on the Facebook marketplace.
  • To then share your meetup plan with your friends on your Facebook list, you should click on send plan from your messenger thread with your buyer. Now choose the friend you want to share your plan with.

Note: After your scheduled date, time and also location for your meetup plan, it would then be removed from the messenger thread with your Facebook friends.

Safety Steps on How to Meet a Buyer from Facebook Marketplace in Person

Surely, You will actually get to know How to Meet a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in Person here as a lot of people are searching for it.

For your safety and also well-being when you want to leave the online marketplace to meet your buyer in person for an offline business transaction, you should read and follow some safety tips below:

  1. Create Meet-Up Plan

When a buyer on the Facebook marketplace actually insists on meeting with you before buying an item, you and the buyer must have to create a plan on how to meet in person. To be sure of the date, time and also location to meet.

  1. Disclosing Personal Details

You should not discuss with a buyer about your personal information or even your home address if you simply have a physical business shop or office. You should also be very careful while disclosing the details to avoid negative occurrences.

  1. Send Plan on Messenger

After your meeting up plans to then meet a buyer on the Facebook marketplace in person, you can just decide to send a plan in messenger to your Facebook friends list so they can just know your date, time and location of the meeting.

  1. Inform Family and Trusted Friends of Your Plan

Also try informing your family and trusted friends about the location, time and date you are to meet a buyer to simply enable them to stay security conscious too.

  1. Meet Up Location

You should also make sure where you are meeting the buyer is an open location, it can just be a restaurant or social gathering, avoid going to their house. Also do not change or agree to change the location you and the buyer have planned to meet for business transactions.

  1. You should also carry your Phone Along with You

Take your phone with you when you are going to meet a buyer on the Facebook marketplace in person and also ensure it is fully charged in case any emergency arises.

  1. Good Communication with Buyer

Make sure you also look smart and also maintain a friendly conversation with your buyer to enable buyers to actually feel free around you and find you worthy of buying goods from.

  1. Be at Alert is the Last Safety

If you then notice any suspicious activity from the buyer you are to meet in person on the Facebook marketplace, you should just ensure you report such buyer as soon as possible or call any emergency unit if the need arises.

These are some safety tips to simply ensure a safe meeting between you and a buyer on the Facebook marketplace.

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