Mamo Mihretu Bio – Early Life, Edu, Career, Net Worth

Mamo Mihretu Bio – At the moment, Mamo Mihretu oversees Ethiopia’s central bank. was also known as the CEO of Ethiopian Investment Holdings, a Sovereign Wealth Fund established in Ethiopia with the goal of generating wealth for future generations by intelligent investments, robust portfolios, and expert resource management.

He was born in 1988, and in 2023, he will turn 35 years old.

Mamo Mihretu Biography
Mamo Mihretu Biography

Mamo Mihretu Biography

In addition to serving as the Chief Trade Negotiator during that time, Mamo also served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Ethiopian Prime Minister. Prior to entering the Ethiopian government, he served as a Private Sector Specialist for the World Bank Group in Nairobi, Kenya, until joining Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet. 

He was in charge of carrying out a number of programs for trade logistics, tax simplification, company regulation, and investment promotion while he was employed by the World bank group.

Early Life

In his native Ethiopia, Mamo Mihretu was born and nurtured by his parents. Additionally, he spent the majority of his childhood in his own country and attended schools there where he received some of his education before moving for his college schooling. 

He worked as a lecturer at St. Mary’s university college after receiving his first degree. He chaired the department of law at the college where he lectured and also served as its head at the time, teaching courses on commercial law, labor law, and international law.


Mamo finished his elementary education in a town-based school. went on to pursue higher studies after finishing his basic education.

Mamo Mihretu is a well-respected lawyer with a long list of academic accomplishments. He received his undergraduate training at the Addis Abeba University, where he studied and earned a Bachelor of Laws (LLB). He eventually enrolled at the University of Pretoria, where he once more earned an LLM with a focus on trade and investment.

Mamo also attended the Universiteit van Amsterdam, where she earned a diploma in international trade and investment. From 2008 to 2009, she then attended the Harvard Kennedy School, where she earned an MPA with a public administration/leadership concentration.  Mamo Mihretu Biography


Mamo Mihretu’s career began as a principal attorney and lead trade negotiator for the Ethiopian ministry of trade; the majority of his work was focused on advising the ministry and cabinet of Ethiopia on WTO membership, bilateral trade agreements, and other trade policy concerns. But before that, he was a lecturer and the department head for the law program at St. Mary’s University College. 

In addition, Mihretu held the position of principal at the Africa Group LLC, a research and advising company that aims to provide customers with cutting-edge knowledge to help them make informed investment and commercial decisions in Africa.

He was employed by them from February 2008 to March 2009 for a total of one year and a few months before moving to the World Bank Group in 2010. There, he served as a senior program manager for the organization for seven years, from August 2010 to February 2022, before being named the senior policy advisor and chief trade negotiator to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

He was appointed chief executive officer of Ethiopia Investment Holdings (Ethiopia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund) after serving as the prime minister of Ethiopia’s senior policy advisor and chief trade negotiator for three years and six months.

The organization’s goal is to build generational wealth through wise investments, strong portfolios, and competent management. It seeks to combine its own resources with top-tier foreign partners and investors.

Mamo Mihretu was appointed by the Ethiopian prime minister to serve as the nation’s new central bank governor in January 2023, according to a statement released by Abiy’s office on Friday, January 20. He replaced Yinager Dessie, the previous governor, who had held the position since 2018.  Mamo Mihretu Bio

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Mamo Mihretu Bio ranges from $5 to $10 million.

Source of wealth

A seasoned attorney with experience working for and with large corporations in numerous settings, Mamo Mihretu. Mamo also makes a solid living from high-ranking roles he held in Ethiopia, such as governor of the nation’s central bank.


Mamo Mihretu Bio is the epitome of luxury. He leads a lavish lifestyle with exquisite residences and expensive vehicles. But he also maintains a low-key lifestyle that makes it possible for others to know very little about his private life. He rarely posted pictures of his life on social media. He enjoys his family and his life.


Whether he is married or engaged to a lady is unknown, but his sexual orientation is still accepted to be straight. 


There is no information on whether Mihretu is married or not, similar to Mamos’ marital status.

Profile Summary

Mamo Mihretu is a tall, light-skinned man with dark-colored eyes and hair. His sexual orientation is heterosexual, and as we’ve previously mentioned, he’s intelligent and well-educated. At the time this piece was being written, his marital status was not made known to the general public. Overall, Mama is a leading man in Ethiopia, especially when it comes to setting foreign policy.

Wikipedia: As of the time this page was being written, Mamo Mihretu had no individual profile there.

Handles for social pages; All of Mamo Mihretu’s official social media accounts are listed below;

Facebook: @mamoMihretu

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LinkedIn: @mamoMihretu

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Trending (Mamo Mihretu Bio)

Mamo Mihretu became popular recently in 2023 after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed named him the new governor of Ethiopia’s national bank. The public was informed of this information via a statement posted on the bank’s official website and on Twitter by the office of Ethiopia’s prime minister on January 20, 2023. He is reportedly taking over for Yinager Dessie, the outgoing CBN governor who has the office since 2018.

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