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15 Affordable Medical Schools in UK

Affordable Medical Schools in the UK – Because of how strongly they are drawn to the idea of helping lives and altering the world, many people have a lifetime ambition to become doctors. However, the high cost of medical school can be a significant obstacle for people who desire to become doctors, making their objectives seem out of reach.

Fortunately, the UK has a wide selection of reasonably priced medical schools that offer not only top-notch instruction but also a financially viable route to accomplishing the admirable objective of becoming a healthcare practitioner. We shall examine 15 low-cost medical colleges in the UK in this article.

Medical Schools in the UK

Medical Schools in the UK

Affordable medical colleges in the UK provide aspiring doctors with a way to follow their goals without having to bear heavy financial obligations. These institutions make it possible for a wide spectrum of students to pursue medical careers by providing top-notch medical education at affordable tuition rates.

By eliminating financial barriers, these institutions ensure that skill and commitment, rather than financial resources, are the major qualifications for admission. The need for more healthcare professionals is also addressed by inexpensive medical schools, which eventually helps both the domestic and global healthcare systems.

15 Affordable Medical Schools in the UK

Here are 15 low-cost medical colleges in the United Kingdom:

University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is a famous organization with roots in the 15th century and is located in Scotland. One of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the UK, it is renowned for its dedication to academic excellence. The beautiful campus in Aberdeen serves as a center for education and research and draws visitors from all walks of life.

A comprehensive range of academic programs, including famous medical and scientific fields, are offered by this storied institution. Due to the University of Aberdeen’s high academic standards and concentration on research, its graduates are well-prepared for successful employment in their chosen professions. This reasonably priced UK medical school offers a variety of courses in many subjects in addition to its medical programs.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £46,000 Yearly

The University of Dundee School of Medicine

The University of Dundee School of Medicine, which is based in Scotland, is the organization in charge of the medical school and clinical research at the university. Its founding dates back to 1889, when University College Dundee and the University of St Andrews joined forces to create it.

The medical school became independent in 1967 and became a separate entity. The school moved to a large teaching facility at Ninewells Hospital in the western region of Dundee in 1974. The School of Medicine now includes four research divisions, specialty teaching centers, undergraduate and graduate programs, and other areas of study.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £46,000 per year

University of Birmingham Medical School

One of the largest and oldest medical schools in the UK is the University of Birmingham Medical School, which is located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. More than 400 medical students, 70 pharmacy students, 140 biomedical science students, and 130 nursing students graduate there each year. The College of Medical and Dental Sciences has included the medical school as a fundamental component since 2008.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £27,540 (year 1 and 2), £46,320 (year 3,4,5)

King’s College, London

A prominent medical school is housed at King’s College London, a distinguished institution in the center of the UK city. King’s College, which was founded in 1829, is renowned for its extensive past and cutting-edge medical research. It provides comprehensive medical programs that support clinical excellence and new directions in research. Modern amenities and accessibility to some of London’s top medical centers assist students. King’s College graduates are well-equipped to succeed in the fast-paced area of medicine and significantly improve healthcare throughout the world.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £42,840 per year

Swansea University Medical School

The Swansea University Singleton campus is where the medical school is located. It continues ties with numerous academic institutions dispersed over South and West Wales. These hospitals include Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth, Withybush General Hospital in Haverfordwest, Morriston Hospital, Singleton Hospital, and Cefn Coed Hospital in Swansea. The Medical School also runs a network of primary care teaching facilities, with a main emphasis on the training of general practitioners.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £46,000 per year

The University of Manchester’s School of Medical Sciences

The School of Medical Sciences at the University of Manchester is one of the largest in the UK, with about 6,000 undergraduates, 3,000 postgraduates, and 2,000 staff members. It is both the oldest and largest medical school in the UK, ranking third in England in terms of age. The Manchester Royal Infirmary, Wythenshawe Hospital, Salford Royal Hospital, and Royal Preston Hospital are all affiliated with this faculty, which is a crucial component of the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee (1st/2nd Year): £29,000 per year

International Students Tuition Fee (3rd/4th/5th Year): £48,000 per year

Oxford University Medical School

The charming English city of Oxford is home to Oxford University Medical School, which is renowned for its long history of medical education. It functions within a network of various constituent departments that together develop the future generation of medical professionals as an integral part of the prestigious Medical Sciences Division. This institution has contributed significantly to the advancement of medical knowledge and healthcare practices for centuries due to its dedication to quality in both teaching and ground-breaking research.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £46,000 per year

University of Cambridge

The medical education division of the English-based University of Cambridge is known as the School of Clinical Medicine. It is ranked second overall in the 2023 Times Higher Education Ranking and first in The Complete University Guide, surpassing even the medical schools at Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford.

Notably, the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine (A101) is one of the university’s and the UK’s most fiercely competitive programmes, making it one of the most sought-after medical degrees globally. The physical presence of the school is dispersed among a number of buildings on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, which is home to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and other organizations.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £24,507 to £63,000 per year

Cardiff University School of Medicine

The medical school associated with Cardiff University is the Cardiff University School of Medicine, located in Cardiff, Wales, in the United Kingdom. It was first formed in 1893 as a division of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire.

Being the older of the two medical schools in Wales, it has developed into one of the biggest in the UK, with a faculty and support staff of about 500 people. With about 1,000 undergraduate and 1,100 postgraduate students enrolled in medical and scientific disciplines, it also enrolls a sizeable student body.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £24,507 to £63,000 per year

Leicester Medical School

Since its founding in 1975, Leicester Medical School has been a crucial part of the University of Leicester. However, it went through a phase from 2000 to 2007 when it was a component of the Leicester-Warwick Medical School collaboration. The medical school accepted 290 students annually as of 2021, including 18 from other countries. Notably, Leicester gained an amazing 5th place among 33 medical schools in the UK and 20th place globally in the 2020 Shanghai Ranking of World Universities.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £23,000 (1st/2nd year), £40,000 (3rd, 4th, 5th year)

University of Southampton School of Medicine

A division of the University of Southampton, the Southampton General Hospital is home to the Southampton School of Medicine, which is located in England. Students who successfully finish the five distinct medicine courses offered by this medical school are awarded degrees like the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS). Students who enroll in particular programs, such as BM5, BM6, and BM (EU), also receive a second diploma, the BMedSc (Hons). Graduates acquired a Bachelor of Medicine (BM) degree prior to 2013.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £22760–38315

University of Sheffield Medical School

Part of the University of Sheffield is the University of Sheffield Medical School, which is situated in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. At least 1828 can be found in its history. It ran alone at first before joining up with Firth College and Sheffield Technical School in 1897. Today, it is a crucial component of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health at Sheffield.

The Academic Unit of Medical Education, Infection, Immunity, Cardiovascular Disease, Neuroscience, and Oncology and Metabolism are the four academic and research departments at this medical school. Teaching, conducting research, and practicing medicine are three areas in which it is actively involved.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £26,950 per year

University of Edinburgh Medical School

The medical education branch of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom, is referred to as the University of Edinburgh Medical School or simply as Edinburgh Medical School. The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine includes it. The oldest medical school in the United Kingdom and the entire English-speaking world, this esteemed institution was established in 1726, during the Scottish Enlightenment.

Due to the medical school’s early emphasis on scholarly knowledge, which is renowned for its long history and academic excellence, its graduates consistently perform at the top of the pack on postgraduate qualifying tests. As a result, they face intense competition for clinical employment.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £35,000 per year

The University of Liverpool School of Medicine

An essential component of the University of Liverpool is the University of Liverpool School of Medicine, which is located in Liverpool, England. It is one of the biggest medical schools in the UK and was one of the first to join a university in 1903, making history.

The school’s curriculum previously used a problem-based learning approach. But in 2014, it unveiled a new “integrated” curriculum for its prestigious five-year MBChB program, which accepts 280 students each year. Around 1,400 medical undergrads and 600 postdocs are enrolled in various programs at the same time at the institution. The school also provides courses designed for ongoing professional development and an MD program.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £39,250 per year

University of Glasgow School of Medicine

The medical branch of the University of Glasgow is located in Scotland at the University of Glasgow School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing. It is one of the biggest medical schools in Europe and offers a thorough 5-year MBChB program.

According to The Times Good University Guide 2018 and the Complete University Guide 2021, it was jointly placed first in the UK and got an impressive ranking in the field of medicine. In addition to lecture-based learning, problem-based learning, and Glasgow’s distinctive case-based learning approach, the School of Medicine uses a range of teaching techniques.

Fee Structure

International Students Tuition Fee: £39,950 per year.

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