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Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024 (£5,000 Prize Award ) – APPLY NOW

Commonwealth Short Story Prize – Do you have talent for short story writing? If so, apply for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024 for a wonderful chance to win up to £5,000 in prize money! All exemplary writers from around the world are urged to submit applications now that the call for applications has been made public.

Commonwealth Short Story Prize
Commonwealth Short Story Prize

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize, on the other hand, provides possibilities without regard to educational level. You can enter and participate in the writing community’s competition regardless of whether you hold an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD diploma. Please don’t wait to submit an application if you are qualified to take part in this program. To participate in the contest, carefully review the entry requirements.

Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024

For the Commonwealth Foundation essay contest, authors may submit a brief essay of up to 2,000 words. The criteria for the award is the fiction category, which includes literary fiction, mystery fiction, romance fiction, science fiction, and speculative fiction.

Depending on your hobbies and preferred topics, you can write about any of the aforementioned subjects. We also accept entries in Turkish, Bengali, Chinese, Creole, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Maltese, Samoan, Tamil, and Swahili.

The overall number of stories is roughly twenty, however only five regional winners will be chosen. All of the winning entries from each region will be published on Granta. The Commonwealth Award is built on the tenets of equality, justice, and inclusiveness.

Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024 – What to Expect

You must submit a previously unpublished tale in order to win. Your entries will first be judged by an international panel of judges and a reader team.

There will be a judge on the panel in addition to a chairperson from each of the following Commonwealth regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Readers of that language should translate and study the options if they are not in English before deciding whether or not to include them on the list. The translator of the winning story will also get something extra.

Financial Benefits and Rewards of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024:

  • The winning authors will receive cash awards ranging from £2,500 to $5,000.
  • “The successful writers will be exposed to a wide variety of English writing styles.
  • understanding of the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize’s 2024 Eligibility requirements include:  

  • All Commonwealth members may submit an application.
  • should be at least 18.
  • must be able to write excellent stories.
  • The story shouldn’t have been released before.
  • The narrative should be between 2000 and 5000 words long.
  • “We did not discriminate on the basis of gender, color, or religion.

Application Process for Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024

Criteria for Selection for the Commonwealth Award in 2024:

  • Outstanding academic record.
  • Writing ability.
  • Meeting the requirements for eligibility.

Application Deadline:

The Commonwealth essay competition 2024 application deadline is November 2, 2023 at 12 a.m. BST.

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