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2023 British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships

The 2023 British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships is inviting Early- or mid-career humanities or social science scholars in the UK to apply for the 2023 Edition of the Academy Global Innovation Fellowships.

Do you actually have a strong passion for solving problems in the public, private, or policy sectors? If so, the British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships present an exciting chance for you to grow your career, develop your skills, and widen your network.

2023 British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships
2023 British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships

2023 British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships

The British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships are designed to give early- and mid-career social science and humanities academics the chance to take on problems that call for novel ideas and answers.

These fellowships make it possible to mobilize information, translate it, and build personal abilities. This program, which is funded by the UK government’s International Science Partnerships Fund, places a strong emphasis on research and innovation as the main forces behind prosperous global partnerships.

About the British Academy

The British Academy, which was founded in 1902, is the country’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. It includes more than 1,000 eminent academics from diverse fields and acts as a financing agency for research initiatives across the UK.

The academy’s main goals include improving public awareness of the humanities and social sciences, fostering excellence in research, and advocating for these subjects.

Objectives of the Global Innovation Fellowships

The main goal of the Global Innovation Fellowships is to give UK-based humanities and social science scholars, particularly those in the SHAPE community, chances to advance their careers and have an impact beyond academia.

By enabling fellows to form new contacts in the public, business, and policy sectors, these fellowships aim to close the gap between research and practice.

Benefits of British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships

Within the framework of the Global Innovation Fellowships program, the British Academy provides up to three one-year fellowships. Fellows will be housed in Carnegie’s American operations in either California or Washington, DC. Each fellowship comes with a financial reward of up to £150,000 over the course of 12 months, with Full Economic Costing set at 80%. These fellowships have the following advantages:

  • Generous funding assists with project-related costs and research
  • Access to the American offices and resources of Carnegie
  • Opportunities to work together with top academics, professionals, and organizations across a range of industries
  • Exposure to other viewpoints and approaches
  • Improved interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge mobilization, and translation skills
  • Prospects for career advancement both inside and outside of academia

Eligibility Criteria

Researchers having a background in the humanities or social sciences are encouraged to apply in any of the following five fields:

  • Sustainability, Climate, and Geopolitics
  • Technology and International Affairs
  • Democracy, Conflict & Governance
  • Global Order and Institutions
  • Nuclear Policy

Although there are no preconceived notions regarding the disciplinary background of the award recipient, applicants must show a thorough comprehension of the pertinent concerns, such as the political climate and structural difficulties in their chosen field. Although not required, linguistic proficiency in the relevant fields is advantageous.

Important Dates, Process, and Venue

The program is set to begin in September 2024, though. An earlier start date of March or April 2024, however, may be feasible in extraordinary circumstances.

In these situations, candidates must describe how they organize and manage their move within this compressed time frame.

During the selection process, shortlisted candidates will be informed of the interview dates, procedure, and location.

How to Apply

Visit the British Academy’s official website at to apply for the Global Innovation Fellowships.

The submission of a research proposal, a resume, and other supporting materials may be required of applicants.

Be careful to read the instructions and requirements before beginning the application process.

Due to the intense competition for these fellowships, applicants are encouraged to submit distinctive and compelling research projects that align with the goals of the fellowship.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships is November 1, 2023.


Can I apply for a Global Innovation Fellowship if I am not based in the UK?

Researchers in the social sciences and humanities who are based in the UK are especially qualified for the Global Innovation Fellowships.

Are there any restrictions on the topics or disciplines within the five areas mentioned in the requirements?

Within the defined categories, there are no limitations on particular subjects or academic fields. Application submitters are urged to showcase their knowledge and suggest original solutions to pertinent problems.

Will the British Academy cover relocation expenses for fellows who need to move to the USA?

Yes, the fellowship offers financial support for fellows’ relocation costs if they are hosted in the USA.

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