Google Chat : How to Send Messages on Google Chat

Have you ever gotten to know about Google Chat? Seems many don’t even know what this is. Don’t worry today there are going to be explanations about it. All you simply need to do is to keep on reading and you will understand what it actually means.


Now, you will not just know what the Google Chat is, but also you will get to know how you can be able to set it up. That is why i will urge anyone reading this, to read and don’t skip for you may skip an important.

Google Chat

Before I continue there is something you need to know. You must first of all know what Google Chat is. Then I will be showing you how you can set it up. So let’s go on by simply starting with what Google Chat is.

What is Google Chat

Google Chat is simply a continuation of the Hangouts web messaging used to do. Google simply then decided to just add the Hangouts messaging history to your chat. However, the Chat simply lacks some features like video conferencing, SMS/MMS texting, and also Phone calls, which were simply supported in Hangouts.

The Google Chat that has been featured by Google makes use of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to simply protect your messages. This also means that anyone that is simply trying to then intercept your messages between you and Google would only then be able to see encrypted, and also unreadable text.

Google Chat Setup

it didnt just stop at what this means but also how can you simply set it up. This is where many users get stuck. Now when you are setting up your Google Chat is very easy and simple as logging into any service or app using your Google Account.

While there are also apps on your windows, ChromeOS and also MacOs, you can simply make use of the chat service in a web browser without even having to download or install any software. Now using it in a web browser is even similar to using it in a desktop app.

Android and also iOS users are simply expected to download the Google Chat app right from the Google Play Store or simply from Apple App store. Once it has been installed, users should then be able to access the app and also then log in using their Google Account.

How to Send Messages on a Google Chat Using PC or Mac

You can simply make use and have access to the Google Chat on your browser or the dedicated app. There are some steps below that you should follow when you want to send messages on Google Chat using both the web app and desktop app on windows, macOS, Linus, and ChromeOS:

  • You should simply make sure to select the + icon above your chat contact list.
  • Then you should type in the name or the Gmail address of the contact you want to message and also select the contact one that pops up.
  • Now simply enter the message you want to send right on the chat box
  • Also then enter the message in the chat box
  • Then you should tap “enters” on your keyboard. Alternatively, you should select the send icon using your mouse or on your touchscreen.
  • Also, you can simply make use of the steps stated above to then start a group message or you can just create space. Right after selecting the + icon, you should choose to start group conversation or simply create space instead of searching for your contact.
  • The Google chat also carries a chronological history of all your recent chat conversations on the app’s left sidebar. Also, make use of this to quickly simply launch any recent chat conversation.

These are the steps for you to follow when you want to send messages on the Chat service using the PC or Mac. Once you follow the steps above correctly then you will send messages using these devices sucessfully.

How to Send Messages in Google Chat Using Android or iOS

Now under this, you will know how you can send messages using both he Andriod and also iOS. All you have to do is to follow the steps given to you. Here are the steps that you follow when you want to send messages on Google Chat using the app on both Android and iOS devices:

  • You should first of all select the “New Chat” to begin a new conversation.
  • Then you should search for the contact that you would like to chat with or you can search for the Gmail address. Now select the contact when they pop up.
  • Also, you should enter your message on the text field that is located at the bottom of the chat.
  • Now tap the “sends”
  • The Google chat is simply available for Android and iOS presents a list of recent contacts when you then launch the app. Tap any of the visible contacts to resume a prior conversation.

These are steps above when you want to send messages using the Chat service. Once you follow them correctly then you will also send messages using these devices listed above sucessfully.

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