How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk 

Do you want to know How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk? Or Beta Talk Tariff Plan? The SMS, free gifts, and subscription code are all provided here. Don’t worry if you’re looking for information on how to migrate from Pulse to MTN beta Talk; we’ve got you covered.

You just have to read on and get the whole information. 

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk
How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk 

Simply phone *123*2*6# to switch to this fantastic tariff, or text BT to 131. The MTN beta Talk package appears to be a fantastic and outstanding tariff that people are racing for. With this rate, all subscribers can take advantage of mobile communication’s many advantages without having to pay extra.

The advantages of MTN beta Talk, which the majority of MTN consumers have inquired about, are incredible.

What are the Benefits of MTN Beta Talk?

You can profit from migrating to MTN beta Talk in the following ways:

  • On every recharge of less than N100, you will receive a 150% airtime bonus.
  • On every recharge of one hundred Naira (N100) or more, you get a 250% airtime bonus.
  • The free data and airtime are available for seven days (one week).
  • You can subscribe for a daily 30MB for N50.
  • MTN Beta Talk’s call rate is 42k/sec, while SMS costs N 4 per message.

How Much Does it Cost to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk?

From any MTN tariff bundle to the MTN beta talk, there is absolutely no migration fee. There won’t be any fees for you.

How Do I Migrate to Beta Talk for Free?

As mentioned before, switching from MTN Beta talk is cost-free. All MTN customers are free to switch to the MTN BetaTalk tariff plan at no cost as long as they remain Prepaid. Simply text BT to 131 from a registered MTN line or phone *123*2*1# to migrate.

How MTN Beta Talk Package Works.

Please take note that every MTN customer on this pricing package will receive 3 times the value of their recharge, whether they are a subscriber or not. Assume you are a member of the MTN beta Talk. You will receive three times the amount you recharged when you do so.

Internal calls will be updated to the rate of N24/minute (40k/sec) when you hit your daily limit for calls, Internet, and SMS.

You should likewise know that all internal calls, SMS, and data usage will be charged from the main accounting record of the subscriber, as soon as bonus airtime end or begin to expire.

You should switch over to MTN Beta Talk right away if you haven’t already, I think you’ll find the plan intriguing.

The activation code for MTN Beta Talk is once again *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.

In conclusion, feel free to utilize the comment section to ask any questions you may have.

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