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Ever wanted to How to Shop on Dollar Tree Online? Then you should just read this. You can’t go to the nearby Dollar Tree since it’s too far away. Need a lot of goods for a gathering or party? You can also visit all you need to know about Dollar Tree for extra purchasing advice and pointers for the Dollar Tree.

How to Shop on Dollar Tree Online
How to Shop on Dollar Tree Online

You’re looking for a means to get craft items for your small business. Before placing an online order with Dollar Tree, you might wish to read the following frequently asked questions. 

How to Shop on Dollar Tree Online 

Let’s dissect it so you can understand just how to place an online order with Dollar Tree. You’ll be able to shop from Dollar Tree online with the help of our straightforward FAQ and introductory (101) page!

How to Place An Order Online from Dollar Tree?

Many of the items sold by Dollar Tree are accessible online. Simply use the search bar or the site’s top navigation to find the things you want to buy.

After choosing which item to buy, put it in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and PayPal Credit are all acceptable payment methods at Dollar Tree.

You can get in touch with Dollar Tree’s customer order support team at any time if you have any issues with your online purchase. Call their hotline or submit a form for customer support.

What are the Next Steps After Placing my Order?

An email with all the details of your purchase will be sent to you after your order has been successfully placed. Your order number and the anticipated delivery date for your package can be found here. 

When your order is delivered to the Dollar Tree shop of your choice, you will get an email with an Order Confirmation. To pick up your order, you must come to the shop with this email, your driver’s license, or another form of government-issued picture ID. 

Can I purchase an item with a specific color, size, and quantity at 

Most products on are sold in entire cases. Additionally, these items may not be divided, combined, or separated. Visit a Dollar Tree store close to you if you require a certain item in a specific quantity. 

I want to order an item in bulk, but I can’t find it on the website. What should I do? 

You can speak with the customer service department at Dollar Tree. Knowing the entire 2–6-digit SKU or 2-digit UPC Code of the product you wish to buy would be ideal.

Can I only purchase bulk orders online? 

At, the majority of items are exclusively sold in cases. However, they also provide some things in “smaller quantities”. Here is a list of the products that are available for purchase in lesser amounts. 

You may select the number you want to buy if the item you want to buy is in the list (keep in mind that the quantity options will still differ depending on each product). 

Technical Issues

Do you experience technical problems? You can resolve any technical issues you encounter while placing an online order from Dollar Tree by consulting the following frequently asked questions and answers.

What should I do if I can’t proceed with my online purchase due to technical issues? 

You can contact Dollar Tree’s round-the-clock customer service right away if you experience any technical difficulties. Call the customer service line or submit a customer help form. 

Billing and Payment Options

In terms of internet shopping, most retailers follow similar procedures. Let’s examine Dollar Tree and see how it stacks up against the other online retailers you enjoy shopping from in terms of invoicing and payments.

Does Dollar Tree accept purchase orders? 

No. At this time, Dollar Tree does not accept purchase orders.

If I use my credit or debit card, when will the charge appear on my account? 

Your account will show a “pending transaction” when you place your order. You won’t actually be charged until after Dollar Tree ships your order. 

Can I get wholesale prices or discounts by ordering at

The products at Dollar Tree don’t have any discounts or wholesale prices because they are already reasonably priced. Each item is still only one dollar. 

Shipping and Delivery

The moment the goods come is the best part of internet buying, right? So, below are some general inquiries and information regarding how to order from Dollar Tree online and get it shipped and delivered.

What are the shipping options at

You have the option of free delivery to a Dollar Tree nearby.

You can also choose to have it delivered to your place of work or residence. You will be responsible for the delivery cost, which will be shipped via UPS Ground. 

Can I ship my online order to any Dollar Store for free?

Over 6300 Dollar Tree locations exist in the United States. To find the store closest to you, use our store locator. 

Do I need to contact my chosen Dollar tree store to inform them of my pick-up date? 

You are not required. Email reminders with information on your order’s specifics will also be sent to them. 

Why can’t I ship my order to the store near my area? 

There are 12 Distribution Centers for Dollar Tree. If this occurs, the item you are ordering might not be available in the DC that ships to your neighborhood store. Therefore, another DC will complete your order. You will be responsible for the shipping cost, which will be handled via UPS.


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