Importance and Value of Games In Education

Do you know the Importance and Value of Games in Education? If you don’t then you should keep on reading because there are many people out there that don’t believe this well you should now.

Importance and Value of Games in Education
Importance and Value of Games in Education

Many parents even sometimes banned their kids from playing games or having fun, but you see this game kids play does have positive benefits and value it plays in the role of education. Maybe you should keep on reading to find out.

Importance and Value of Games In Education

Games are actually part and parcel of a student’s life. It is even an inseparable part of the Education System. The main objective of education is to simply develop the students physically, mentally and morally. It is well said that a sound body contains a sound mind. If a body is weak, then the mind can not be very strong. There is also a very good old saying ” Health is wealth.”

But how to make this healthy? By simply not playing Video games, playing some actual games on the field. Today we see sickly children. Most of them are just wearing spectacles. There is also a problem of obesity among them. This is even all because of the passive life-style the students have adopted.

There is also only mental work,not physical work. Games make up for this loss of health very quickly. Playing games on the field simply makes the organs stronger and also provides fresh oxygen to the body. The mind even becomes sharper.

Value of Games In Education

There are also some other benefits students learn from playing games. They even learn being social and the feelings of togetherness, co-operation, discipline and also punctuality. All work and no play simply makes Jack a dull boy. Nowadays the students have simply become book-worms. They are even more concerned about their career than their physical and mental health.

No doubt, by doing hard work in their studies, they shall also get what they want to achieve. But at the cost of their health. What’s the use of wealth, if there is no health to simply enjoy that.

Therefore the students must also bring balance between their studies and games. They must then always follow this maxim – Work, while you work, play, while you play, that is the way to be happy and gay.”

Games In Education

Games also develop a very good quality besides others and that is called sportsmanship. A sportsperson is actually a very strong person. He also learns to face defeats and successes equally. They don’t even lose courage even in the face of continuous defeats. They also rise and make efforts till they achieve success.

Students who play games become social. They also have more friends than the students who don’t play games. Students don’t remain reserved in life. They are open and also learn the art of adjustment. Games even do teach patience and presence of mind. They also learn team-spirit and co-operation. Such things are very essential and important when the students enter the work-force.

In short, games do have an important place in life. In order for you to get maximum benefit from them, they must simply be played properly. There should be a balance between the games and studies.

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