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Invesco Mutual Fund

What is Invesco Mutual Fund? Invesco is simply an investment management firm that is based out of the USA. It simply offers a wide range of investment capabilities across equity, fixed income, money market, and also alternative asset classes. It is even dedicated to delivering an investment experience that simply helps people in getting more out of life. 

About the Invesco Mutual Fund

The Invesco Mutual fund also manages their product portfolio by individual focus management teams to then create optimum balance and also results. Also, their business model is even adaptable to the fast-changing market scenarios. Thus, by simply leveraging their global resources and expertise, they simply offer best-in-class investment products. Also, it is the 16th largest asset manager in the country. It even has more than 8.64 lakh active investor folios and also a network of 23,304 empanelled distributors.

This is like a tool or an instrument that you can use when you want to invest in Invesco or Mutual Fund Investment Statement. All you need to do is to make sure you go to the scripbox website or install the app on your device and then create an account and you are ready to go. 

It is also a website, you can also get to know Top Invesco Mutual Fund Managers and also Best Invesco Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in. 

How to Invest in Invesco Mutual Funds?

Invest online in Invesco Mutual Fund house using the Scripbox with ease and also convenience. All you just need to do is follow the steps below:

  • You should go to the Scripbox Website to see a list of Investment Plans: On the Scripbox’s homepage, you will then find the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button. Click on it to simply unlock a list of Mutual Funds investment options as per your life goal. Then, you should then pick any financial goals to start investing and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Also then Sign up to create an account with Scripbox: An existing customer of Scripbox can just Sign in with their credentials. However, if you are a new member or customer, just sign up with Scripbox and then log in to your account. After logging in, the screen will then display multiple payment options like ‘Every month SIP’ and also ‘One-time payment’. Select one as per your cash flow. Then, you should click on ‘See recommended fund’ to proceed with the investment.
  • Check/Change the Plan and Fund Allocation: Here, Scripbox will simply display a list of funds along with the amount allocated to each fund. You can also change the fund or the investment amount as per your wish. You can even do so by clicking ‘I want to change funds/amount’. Ensure you read all the details before proceeding. Then, after that click on ‘Next’ to proceed with the payment.
  • Enter Bank Details and Money Transfer: In the final step, you simply need to enter the PAN details and also bank account details. Scripbox simply provides a secure environment for payment, and even the bank account will be only used for investing and also crediting the redemption proceeds.

How to Download Mutual Fund Investment Statements?

The following steps will simply guide you on how to download your Invesco fund investment statement using the Scripbox App:

  • Firstly, you should sign in to your Scripbox account from the Scripbox App.
  • Secondly, you should then select the ‘Investment History’ option on the ‘Profile’ tab.
  • Now, scroll down, and you will simply find ‘Email Me’. Click on it, and the Scripbox will email a link to download your Scripbox Investment History.
  • Finally, you should simply click on the link to download the statement in .XLS format.

The excel statement will then have the following details:

Orders Tab: The sheet simply includes the following details of transactions like Fund Name, Investor Name, Type, Investment Amount, Units Allotted, Oder NAV, STT, Folio Number and Purpose.

Current Holding Tab: This sheet simply includes a summary of mutual fund holdings like the following: Fund Name, Units, Current Value, Folio Number, and Purpose.

Top Invesco Mutual Fund Managers

Here are the Top Invesco Mutual Fund Managers given in the table below:


Fund ManagerType Of FundNumber of Schemes
Taher BadshahEquity7
Amit NigamEquity6
Pranav GokhaleEquity7
Neelesh DhamnaskarEquity5
Nitin GosarEquity2
Dhimant KothariEquity5
Hiten JainEquity1
Rajeev BhardwajEquity1
Kuber MannadiEquity1
Krishna CheemalapatiDebt15
Abhishek BandiwdekarDebt3
Vikas GargDebt8



Which is the best Invesco Mutual Fund?

Invesco simply offers more than 15+ funds in all fund categories. Not all funds simply perform well, however, not all top performing funds are also best. Hence investors simply have to align their goals with the fund’s investment objective to pick the best Invesco mutual fund that suits them.

How can I start SIP in Invesco Mutual Fund Online?

One can simply invest in this Fund online directly through Scripbox. Alternatively, they can also invest in Invesco Fund through the fund houses’ website. Moreover, they can even also invest in Invesco Fund through any other online platform or mobile application.

How to stop SIP in Invesco Mutual Fund online?

One can simply stop their SIP in Invesco Mutual Fund online by simply directly visiting the Invesco Mutual Fund website, logging in with the folio number, and then stopping the SIP. Alternatively, they can even log in to the platform where they started the Invesco Mutual Fund investment and then stop the SIP.

How to withdraw from Invesco Mutual Fund?

To withdraw money from Invesco Fund, one can simply visit the nearest Invesco office and also submit a form. Alternatively, they can even visit the Invesco fund website and also redeem the investment by logging in with the folio number. They can also withdraw their Invesco Fund investments from any online portal where they first invested.

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