Liability Insurance vs. Full-Coverage Car Insurance

Seems many users are interested in knowing the Liability insurance vs. Full-coverage car insurance. Well, this isn’t a problem at all since I will be taking you deeper on what these two are, so you should keep reading.

Liability Insurance vs. Full-Coverage Car Insurance
Liability Insurance vs. Full-Coverage Car Insurance

I have made it easy by explaining both the Liability insurance and Full-coverage car insurance, so that you can get a clear understanding about the topic.

Liability Insurance vs. Full-Coverage Car Insurance

I will be showing you the difference from these two, also what they are and the comparisons and what they covered. That is why it is good for you to read this article step by step or bit by bit, so you will be able to get all the information needed.

Liability Insurance vs. Full Coverage: Key Differences

CategoryLiabilityFull Coverage
What It IncludesProperty damage liability

Bodily injury liability



Property damage liability

Bodily injury liability

Is It Required?Yes, by law in nearly every stateYes, if you are leasing or financing your car
Average Annual Cost$720$1,997
Uses Deductible?NoYes

The average annual cost of the liability insurance simply reflects the cost of state-minimum coverage nationwide. The cost of full coverage simply includes collision and also comprehensive insurance, as well as the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Liability vs. Full Coverage Cost by Company

Liability insurance you see is 64% cheaper than the full coverage insurance, on average. The exact cost difference between the liability and also full coverage car insurance for a given driver simply depends on several factors, including the driver’s insurance company.

CompanyMinimum CoverageFull Coverage
Liberty Mutual$879$2,758
State Farm$919$2,617

Data that has been provided by Quadrant Information Services. Rates can then reflect average costs in California.

What Is Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is simply a type of coverage that simply pays for injuries and also property damage sustained by other people and also their property in accidents that you cause. Nearly every state then requires drivers to carry liability insurance, and even in many states, liability insurance is simply the only type of car insurance that you need to have.

You should then keep in mind that liability insurance will never pay for your own expenses after a car accident, so if you then want your own medical bills and also repair costs to be covered, you will need to get additional coverage.

What Is Full Coverage Insurance?

Full coverage is simply a policy that then includes collision and also comprehensive coverage in addition to a state’s minimum car insurance requirements. Unlike the liability insurance, full coverage simply covers the policyholder’s own expenses, even in accidents where they are at fault.

Collision insurance is simply the coverage that pays to repair or replace your car after any accident. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, then covers repair expenses when your car has been damaged by something other than an accident, such as vandalism or maybe a natural disaster. Neither type of insurance is then required by state law, but you usually have to get both if your car has been leased or financed.

Full coverage can also then include other types of insurance, such as the personal injury protection, medical payments coverage, and even uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. Some states simply then require drivers to have these types of insurance anyway, but they may be optional in other states.

Do You Need Liability Insurance or Full Coverage?

You should then always get full coverage insurance if you are able to afford it. No matter how good of a driver you may definitely be, your vehicle is likely going to get damaged in some way or another. Having full coverage insurance will simply provide a wide financial safety net that will alleviate some of the burden that simply comes with handling car issues.

When deciding whether or not to then purchase liability-only insurance, you then need to consider your state’s laws, the value of your car, and also your financial situation. A general rule of thumb is that you can simply consider dropping full coverage insurance if the cost is simply more than 10% of your car’s value. However, you should then not drop collision and comprehensive coverage if you can’t afford to pay out of pocket to repair or simply replace your car when it’s unexpectedly damaged.

What’s the Difference Between Liability and Full Coverage?

The difference between the liability and also the full coverage is that liability will simply cover damage to other vehicles or injuries to other people from accidents that you cause, while full coverage simply then covers your own vehicle. Liability insurance is simply required in most states, while the full coverage is only required if you lease or finance a car.

Key Things You Should Know About Liability vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance

  • Full coverage car insurance simply costs an average of $1,997 per year.
  • Liability car insurance simply costs an average of $720 per year.
  • Full coverage simply includes collision and also comprehensive insurance, while liability coverage does not.
  • With liability-only insurance, you will be on the hook for your own expenses after an accident.
  • You should also purchase full coverage insurance if you can afford it.


Should I get liability or full coverage insurance?

You should simply get full coverage insurance if you  can afford it, since full coverage then includes comprehensive and even collision coverage in addition to liability insurance. Liability-only insurance is cheaper than full coverage, but it only then covers other people’s expenses after a wreck, while full coverage also covers your car.

How much cheaper is liability than full coverage?

Liability insurance is simply 64% cheaper than full coverage, on average. Liability car insurance simply costs an average of $720 per year, while full coverage car insurance averages an amount of $1,997 per year.. The exact cost difference between the liability and also full coverage insurance simply depends on factors such as the driver’s state, vehicle, and driving history.

What does liability insurance cover?

Liability insurance simply helps cover medical and also legal fees if you are held legally responsible for someone else’s injury, or damage to someone else’s property. Drivers are then required to carry liability insurance in nearly every state.

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