Taurus Rising Celebrities

Taurus Rising Celebrities

Do you want to know all about the Taurus Rising Celebrities? If you do then here is the right and perfect place for you to get all the information concerning this topic. All you just need to do is just keep on reading and you will grab it all.

Numerous well-known Taurus Rising celebrities have a Venus style that is beautiful, expensive, and traditional. However, Taurus Ascendants also enjoy dressing in relaxed loungewear, where sweats, check shirts, and pajamas are essential. Make it out of cashmere and they’ll wear it!

Learn more about well-known Taurus Rising personalities and how Venus affects their sense of style by reading on.

Taurus Rising Celebrities
Taurus Rising Celebrities

Taurus Rising Celebrities

The zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the precise moment and day that you were born is known as the Rising Sign in astrology.

Your First House of your birth chart, which governs your appearance, profile, and how other people see you, is ruled by your zodiac sign, Taurus, if it was your ascendant or rising sign at the time of your birth.

Venus rules Taurus, thus if you were born under this sign, your aesthetic would be greatly impacted by Venus. 


Celebrities who are renowned for Taurus Rising have an earthy expensiveness. Although their pricey labels may draw attention, the Taurus Ascendant exudes an air of elegance that suggests class rather than garbage. Taurus Rising is a strong, sturdy, and pragmatic sign that prefers to dress in long-lasting, timeless fashion and isn’t hesitant to invest in it.

Taurus Rising prefers to highlight this area with turtlenecks, statement necklaces, or off-the-shoulder styles because Taurus rules the throat, neck, and shoulders. The color scheme for Taurus Rising, which is inspired by gardenias, features opulent neutrals, rustic browns, lush greens, and warm pinks. 

MILEY CYRUS – Taurus Rising Celebrities

Sagittarius Sun/Scorpio Moon/Taurus Rising

stubborn Sagittarius Even though Miley is known for her outlandish fashion choices, she was rocking a cowgirl look when she first gained notoriety that only a Taurus Rising could pull off! As the face of Gucci Flora perfume, she currently channels her Taurus Ascendant, fulfilling all of her Taurean floral fashion fantasies. 


Taurus Sun/Aquarius Moon/Taurus Rising

With a Taurus Sun and a Taurus Rising in her horoscope, Gigi is a double Taurus. Gigi has the power of Venus as she elegantly gliding down international runways and posing on the front of fashion publications in pricey outfits. 

DONATELLA VERSACE – Taurus Rising Celebrities

Taurus Sun/Virgo Moon/Taurus Rising

Another twin Taurus, legendary fashion designer Donatella Versace adopts an appropriately pricey Taurus Rising aesthetic for both her own attire as well as the Versace fashion house’s creations. Donatella’s meticulous attention to detail and Virgo Moon produce creations that are instantly recognizable as Versace. 


Pisces Sun/Cancer Moon/Taurus Rising

Ruby Rose, an Australian actress and TV host, has a Pisces Sun, which gives her androgynous look a bohemian vibe. She can pull off a colorful tailored suit for the red carpet and an earthy Taurus look complete with checkered shirts and sweats for days off. 

DAVID BECKHAM – Taurus Rising Celebrities

Taurus Sun/Capricorn Moon/Taurus Rising

David Beckham has succeeded in becoming a fashion star despite the fact that his wife designs clothes for the family business. The former football player is a second double Taurus who enjoys brands and rose to the top of both the sporting and fashion realms with the help of an ambitious Capricorn Moon. 


Pisces Sun/Sagittarius Moon/Taurus Rising

Camila, a former member of Fifth Harmony, embraces her Taurus Rising by donning a lot of pink, plaid, and the occasional floral. She shares the natural, earthy aesthetic of many Taurus Ascendants thanks to Venus dominating her horoscope. 


Libra Sun/Virgo Moon/Taurus Rising

Despite having a sister called Venus, Serena’s horoscope is most strongly impacted by the planet of beauty. Serena was destined to be a style icon because she has a Libra Sun and a Taurus Rising, so it makes sense that she has her own line of jewelry and clothing. 


Libra Sun/Pisces Moon/Taurus Rising

Rita Hayworth, sometimes known as “The Love Goddess,” was the most glitzy screen darling of the 1940s, and when you look at her birth chart, it’s simple to understand why. Rita, who was born with a Libra Sun and a Taurus Rising, possessed a Venusian beauty that made her the face of MaxFactor and earned her the title of possessing the greatest lips in the world.

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